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Sometimes, as pet parents, we don’t know everything about our pet that we would like to. So, we hope we can help you keep your pet happy with our Pet Care Center where you can browse through our multiple categories that range from health information and general care to the best grooming tips.

Get professional pet advice about your dog or cat’s nutrition, learn about the best pet food, and read simple and helpful diet tips to help keep your pet healthy. You can also visit our Diseases and Allergies library to learn about specific health conditions your pet may have, and use our Symptom Checker if you notice behavioral changes in your furry friend.

We cover the most important topics and concerns that pet parents have. Keep yourself informed and your pet healthy by visiting our Pet Health Center here!

Bone Diseases in Growing Dogs and Puppies

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  • Nutrition and Diet It's important to keep your pet healthy! Learn what your pet should and shouldn't eat, and how to decipher the tricky lingo on your pets' food labels. Get advice on pet food from our nutrition specialist.
  • Pet Health Advice Learn the 101 through PetPremium's Pet Health articles! Read about the basics of pet health, as well as receive tips from experienced veterinary technicians and pet health experts.
  • Cat and Dog Care It's important to provide your pet with the best care you can. Read about topics that range from why dogs bark to how to keep your cat safe during Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Christmas.
  • Grooming Tips Keep your pet in tip-top shape! Grooming does not only affect your pets' appearance, but their health, too. Properly tend your pet in your own home with the right information here.
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